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 The Cobra Shop Queensland's LT1 Testing Facility is specifically designed to carry out Torsional Load and Beam Testing on a wide range of vehicles. This specialized facility is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to accurately measure the deflection in the chassis by mounting dial gauges at intervals along the chassis . The Cobra Shop Queensland's expertise in modified chassis testing makes them a trusted provider for LT1 torsional load and beam testing to comply with TMR requirements.
Their commitment to precision and accuracy ensures that the testing process is thorough and reliable, providing valuable insights into the structural integrity of the vehicles being tested.
Torsional load and beam testing has numerous benefits across various industries. In the automotive industry, this type of testing is crucial for ensuring the safety and performance of modified vehicles. It allows manufacturers and enthusiasts to identify any structural weaknesses and make necessary modifications to improve overall vehicle performance and safety. Additionally, industries such as motorsports and off-road vehicle manufacturing heavily rely on torsional load and beam testing to ensure the durability and reliability of their products. By subjecting vehicles to rigorous testing, potential issues can be addressed before they become safety hazards, ultimately enhancing the quality and longevity of the vehicles

LT1 Testing

History of Cobra

The history of Cobra replica cars dates back to the 1960s, when Carroll Shelby's iconic racing car - the Cobra - became popular among car enthusiasts. However, due to limited production, high maintenance costs, and scarcity, many enthusiasts were unable to acquire the original Cobra. As a result, replica manufacturers sprang up to produce affordable and accessible versions of the car.

One of the earliest and most famous replica manufacturers was AC Cars Limited, which partnered with Carroll Shelby to produce the original Cobra in the 1960s. Following the success of the Cobra, companies such as Fiberfab, Kirkham Motorsports, Superformance, and Factory Five Racing began producing replicas in the 1980s and 1990s.

With advances in technology and materials, Cobra replicas continued to evolve, with many manufacturers incorporating modern engines, transmissions, and suspension systems. Today, Cobra replica cars are a vibrant part of the automotive industry, with thousands of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

While some replica manufacturers face legal challenges from original car makers, the popularity and demand for Cobra replicas continues to grow, with many models considered highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts. 

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